Immunology with Harry Sutton

Immunology with Harry Sutton is a fascinating discussion. Should Cy N Tist (played by Patrick Trumper) get his flu injection? Why not? PhD aspirant Harry Sutton explains the ins and outs of vaccination and answers many curly questions.

This excerpt from The Poet’s Guide to Science was originally performed at Smith’s Alternative, Canberra. Other scientists appearing in this show were Associate Professor Nerilie Abram, Dr Anne-Sophie Dielen in Canberra. Each time it is performed there is a new trio of scientists. Have a look at our collaborators page to see the full list.

Dramatis Scientificae aims to bring the arts and sciences together in innovative ways. Our first Adventures Abroad in Science series is now on our website. Dr Adelle Wright is the first up – discussing fusion energy in an engaging and entertaining interview with some very strange characters. Professor Susan Scott is next – an Australian physicist who talks about gravitational waves, her life in Oxford and much more. Profess Scott has just won the top science prize in Australia.

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In the meantime, please enjoy immunology with Harry Sutton!

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