The Poet’s Guide to Science trailer

The Poet’s Guide to Science trailer. Here’s a teaser of The Poet’s Guide to Science – footage of the world premiere at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra, Australia, in August 2018. It’s since gone to the Powerhouse Museum and Sly Fox in Sydney, Questacon in Canberra and the Rob Roy Pub in Adelaide. Where will it go next?

Dr Anne-Sophie Dielen, Harry Sutton and Professor Nerilie Abram share their ideas and research on their respective fields – genetic modification, immunology and climate science. Have a decko at their respective individual segments – GM or not GM; Immunology with Harry Sutton and Climate Science Discussion. Then see them together in the Q & A with the live audience and Dramatis Scientificae characters Cy (Patrick Trumper) and Dr Ben (Dr Phil Dooley). You’ll see snippets of all in The Poet’s Guide to Science trailer.

Fusion energy = carbon neutral is the first in our Adventures Abroad in Science series. Dr Adelle Wright discusses the progress of her research with characters from Dramatis Scientificae. What will she say to Clive Palmier-Boggs when he wants her to focus all her research on him?

Keep up-to-date with future events, such as the episode with Professor Susan Scott on gravitational waves and her life as a scientist. She has recently won the top science prize in Australia. Or read some articles by Dramatis Scientificae’s Dr Phil Dooley (Cosmos, National Geographic), who has been published three years in a row (!) in The best Australian Science Writing. If you prefer to see his character Bert get some much needed advice from iron ore magnet (sic) Clive Palmier-Boggs, head over to Fusion Ute and learn why you should never divulge potential money-making ideas to happy billionaires.


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