Sunday Quiz – Adventures Abroad

Question 1 Match the countries to the diseases that Dr Meru Sheel has worked on. Tonga, American Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Rohinga (Bangladesh)


COVID, Measles, Elephantiasis, Diphtheria

Question 2 Why does the approach to vaccination in Papua New Guinea need to be different from the approach in Samoa?
Question 3 In the Pacific, it is difficult to maintain social distance. Why?
Question 4 How many planets have been detected so far orbiting around other stars (exoplanets)
Question 5 Of these exoplanets, how many are orbiting inside binary star systems
Question 6 How many exoplanets orbit around both stars (circumbinary)
Question 7 What year were South African dung beetles introduced into Australia?
Question 8 What problem were dung beetles introduced to address? a.     The warm cloying scent of agriculture

b.     Water pollution from cow poo

c.     Mice

d.     Beatle tribute bands

e.     Flies

Question 9 Which bee’s sting causes the most long-lasting pain? a.     Honey bee

b.     Bumblebee

Question 10 What is the scientific significance of the following numbers, (chosen by Dramatis Scientificae for their Patreon tiers). a.     3.14

b.     8

c.     17

d.     26

e.     42

f.      118

g.     451

h.     1022

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