Stir-Fried Science Canberra Shows – MAY 7 & 15

Michele Conyngham, Phil Dooley and Patrick Trumper are your hosts for the hilarious live show Stir-fried Science, a cornucopia of science, comedy, music and even a smidgen of philosophy.


Smiths Alternative, 76 Alinga St Civic 2601

7 PM Saturday 7 May 2022 – Tickets at Smiths’ Website

4 PM Sunday 15 May 2022 – Tickets at Smiths’ Website

Tickets $35/$20



Dr Ed Simpson, Nuclear Physicist ANU;

Dr* Meena Sritharan, Plant Ecologist ANU;

Dr* Kyle Hemming, Forest Ecologist, Uni Canberra




Want to debate the newsworthiness of black holes? Or apply Schrodinger’s theory to ringing doorbells? Perhaps you would also like to see how a plant biologist might serve you in a florist, or philosophise about the nomenclature used on your cafe menu?


Stir-fried Science, directed by Margie McCrae, sees our three performers playing a variety of characters in comic sketches, songs and interactions with the guest scientists – researchers from ecology, plant science and nuclear physics too.


The show suits an adult audience but is family friendly. Here’s a sample of last year’s show.

Other highlights from the show include Aww Poor Black Hole, Fusion Ute and the Minister for Vaccines. Last year featured our first researcher-written sketch, by Dr Caitlin Byrt – what will this year’s scientists write?


If you loved The Poet’s Guide to Science (Sydney Fringe, 2019), are sorry you missed Rumpelstiltskin and the Case of the Missing Research Grants (Smiths Alternative, Canberra), or are intrigued by what you’ve seen of our work online (, come along and see Stir-fried Science – a hilarious live show of science variety with live sketches, stand-up and songs, as well as appearances from local working scientists.


What people have said about our previous shows:

“…many moments of laugh out loud humour…. a thought-provoking and entertaining night out.” (Adelaide Fringe)


“Each scientist spoke eloquently and shed light on areas of science that are considered controversial in easy to understand language.” (Sydney Fringe, 2019)


“This is a brilliant and entertaining hero’s journey through science, beliefs, fact, dogma and scepticism in the best sense of that word.”

Professor Matthew England, Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW


“A highly entertaining night of science musical theatre. Mixes silliness with serious food for thought in carefully calibrated measures.”

Dr Subho Banerjee, former Science Policy Deputy Secretary, Australian Government.


“A great play that addresses contemporary issues in society.”

Professor Graham Durant, Director of Questacon, Canberra.

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