Quiz Questions & Answers, Sunday Adventures Abroad

Question 1 Match the countries to the diseases that Dr Meru Sheel has worked on. Tonga, American Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Domenica



Tonga – Measles;

American Samoa – Elephentiasis;

Papua New Guinea – COVID;

Domenica – COVID, Measles, Elephantiasis

Question 2 Why does the approach to vaccination in Papua New Guinea need to be different from the approach in Samoa? Attitudes in PNG to

immunisation have been

more greatly affected by

social media and


Question 3 In the Pacific, it is difficult to maintain social distance. Why? Cultures are extremely warm;

everyone hugs and kisses.

Question 4 How many planets have been detected so far orbiting around other stars (exoplanets) 4,201 ( as of August 13, 2020)
Question 5 Of these exoplanets, how many are orbiting inside binary star systems About 700
Question 6 How many exoplanets orbit around both stars (circumbinary) About 20
Question 7 What year were South African dung beetles introduced into Australia? 1967
Question 8 What problem were dung beetles introduced to address? a.     The warm cloying scent of agriculture

b.     Water pollution from cow poo

c.     Mice

d.     Beatle tribute bands

e.     Flies



Beatle tribute bands are NOT a pest/

Question 9 Which bee’s sting causes the most long-lasting pain? a.     Honey bee

b.     Bumblebee

a.     The bumble bee’s sting

hurts more to begin with

but disappears more quickly.

Question 10 What is the scientific significance of the following numbers, (chosen by Dramatis Scientificae for their Patreon tiers). a.     3.14

b.     8

c.     17

d.     26

e.     42

f.      118

g.     451

h.     1022

Answers at Patreon.com/dramsci

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