Quiz – Adventures Abroad, Saturday 15th August

Question 1 Krill are very vulnerable to ocean acidification caused by climate change, which endangers the whole marine food chain. True or False
Question 2 Krill’s closest relatives are a.     Prawns

b.     Cockroaches

c.     Blue whales

d.     30 other species of Krill


Question 3 Places krill are found a.     Antarctica

b.     Caribbean

c.     Mediterranean

d.     Pacific ocean

e.     Arctic

f.      Lake Burley Griffin


Question 4 Fusion fuel tritium (plus deuterium) carries more energy per gram than petrol by a factor of a.     3

b.     30

c.     3000

d.     300,000

e.     30 million

Question 5 The temperature of the core of the sun is 10 million degrees. ITER’s core will be a.     1,000 degrees

b.     100,000 degrees

c.     10 million degrees

d.     100 million degrees

e.     1 billion degrees


Question 6 The sun burns tritium True or False
Question 7 Gravitational Waves are the first proof ever of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity True or False
Question 8 LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) ran for 50 years before making the first detection. True or False
Question 9 In the first collision of two neutrons stars, observed by LIGO 3 years ago, approximately how much gold was created? a.     1 tonne

b.     100 tonnes

c.     1 billion tonnes

d.     The mass of the earth (10^24 kg)

e.     None, gold is created by Clive Palmier.


Question 10 What is the scientific significance of the following numbers, (chosen by Dramatis Scientificae for their Patreon tiers). a.     3.14

b.     8

c.     17

d.     26

e.     42

f.      118

g.     451

h.     1022

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