Climate, Vaccines, Genetic Modification – Q & A

Climate, Vaccines, Genetic modification – Q & A. All in one bundle! Harry Sutton, Dr Anne-Sophie Dielen and Associate Professor Nerilie Abram will enlighten and entertain you in this lively discussion with a live audience.

This excerpt from The Poet’s Guide to Science is the final scene in Cy’s and Dr Phil’s exploration of the scientific method. In this excerpt the three scientists finally get together to discuss and question each other’s areas of expertise. Should Cy get a flu vaccine? Can the world survive global warming? How hot (or cold) does it have to get before it’s too late? Why does genetic modification so often get a bad rap?

And if you want more detail on any of the above, you can see each scientist go into even more depth in other excerpts. Click on GM or not GM; Climate Change Discussion and Immunology with Harry Sutton.

Fusion energy = carbon neutral is the first in our Adventures Abroad in Science series. Dr Adelle Wright discusses the progress of her research with characters from Dramatis Scientificae. What will she say to Clive Palmier-Boggs when he wants her to focus all her research on him?

Keep up-to-date with future events, such as the episode with Professor Susan Scott on gravitational waves and her life as a scientist. Or read some articles by Dramatis Scientificae’s Dr Phil Dooley (Cosmos, National Geographic), who has been published three years in a row (!) in The best Australian Science Writing. If you prefer to see his character Bert get some much needed advice from iron ore magnet (sic) Clive Palmier-Boggs, head over to Fusion Ute and learn why you should never divulge potential money-making ideas to happy billionaires. Science and Drama!

And in the meantime – it’s Climate, Vaccines and Genetic modification controversy time!

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