Minister for Vaccines

Minister for Vaccines explores the many different ways scientists can choose to encourage people to get vaccinated.


Dr Phil Dooley is a  determined individual who uses extraordinary – almost supernatural! – means to get a vaccine hesitant character to give it a go! Patrick Trumper is the willing participant, Michele Conyngham the outraged spectator, and Phil is a man of many faces!


If you like this skit check out Celsius Conspiracy – a battle between logic and idiocy in the shape of Clive Palmier. Clive only seems to really be the happy billionaire when he is throwing a bucketful of sabots in the works.


Once you’ve watched Minister for Vaccines have a look at immunologist Harry Sutton discussing vaccines in The Poet’s Guide to Science.


Dr Adelle Wright features in the first episode of Adventures Abroad in Science. Entitled Fusion Energy = Carbon Neutral, it’s a really fascinating discussion on what is being done right now in fusion science.


Professor Susan Scott is the second scientist featured. Her discussion of her research is illuminating and stories of her life fascinating.


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