Melbourne Scientists wanted for creative communication!

We’re coming to Melbourne and we invite scientists to join us on stage at the Butterfly Club, as part of the Stir-Fried Science show, in late July!


The show includes sketches, songs and stand up – if you have a five minute piece you’d like to do, let us know! Anything is welcome – stand up, poetry, interpretive dance, or just a snappy powerpoint talk – this is your chance to get creative! We need two scientists per night, so twelve slots total need filling – you’re welcome to do one or more nights. Just tell us by midnight,  June 15.  (…which is not midwinter, Phil, you optimistic fool. Canberra Winter has barely begun…)

hilarious live show

Any field of science is welcome. Our sketches range from vaccination, to political and scientific correctness, to botany, to black holes. We’ve had scientists do stand up on science policy, sketches about quantum removalists and water rorts, and talks on algae, to name a few.


The shows are at 7 PM, Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd July, at the Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Pl, Melbourne City. We’ll have a zoom or two in advance (we’re based in Canberra and Sydney), and there will be in-person rehearsal on the afternoons of Friday 15th and Monday 18th, for you to do a quick run through.


Email us with your ideas: Please include your subject area, your angle, your institution, and your availability over those 6 nights (July 18 – 23) and how many nights you’d like to do.

And if you’re not up for it but want to come to the show – Early bird tickets are on sale now at the Butterfly Club!


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