Let’s Save the Murray, darling – Aquaporins

Let’s save the Murray, darling – Aquaporins with Dr Caitlin Byrt is a sketch where Dr Byrt brings her research to Clive Palmier. She tries to explain how aquaporins can benefit Clive but he is having none of it! We hear some of Clive’s dirtier manouevres in the world of “water management”  – or at least, his version of it. They are joined by water minister, Angus, who has been complicit in Clive’s machinations. Does Angus have a change of heart? Will he stay with his current party? Watch this video to learn about Dr Byrt’s research and the amazing world of aquaporins.


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Let’s save the Murray, darling – Aquaporins is from the show Stir-fried Science which premiered in Canberra this year – before the ACT lockdown!


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