Janet’s Florist or “I just want gerberas!”

What happens when you want a bunch of flowers for your new girlfriend but instead you get lectured to by an botany student? Leroy (the PhD Student) really felt this customer needed some advice.


The script can be found in this post.


From 4:00 Ecologist Brittany Brockett does her meme-orable standup set. Britt is a PhD researcher at the ANU Fenner School – her set was inspired by Sustainable Stand Up.


Janet’s Florist or “I just want gerberas!” and Brittany Brockett’s segment was part of the Canberra Stir-fried Science show. Dramatis Scientificae presented this at Smith’s Alternative in early 2021.


The show also features Dr Dave Wong an ecologist working in Natural Resource Management. Lachlan Dow – a biologist and chemist specializing in photosynthetic organisms and bacteria – spoke about algae. Dr Caitlin Byrt – plant biologist studying membrane transport and cell wall biology – tells Angus Tay… and Clive Palmier what’s what!



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