Janet’s Florist or “I just want gerberas!”

What happens when you want a bunch of flowers for your new girlfriend but instead you get lectured to by an botany student? Oscar (the undergraduate) really felt this customer needed some advice.


From 4:00 Ecologist Brittany Brockett does her meme-orable standup set. Britt is a PhD researcher at the ANU Fenner School – her set was inspired by Sustainable Stand Up.


Janet’s Florist or “I just want gerberas!” and Brittany Brockett’s segment was part of the Canberra Stir-fried Science show. Dramatis Scientificae presented this at Smith’s Alternative in early 2021.


The show also features Dr Dave Wong an ecologist working in Natural Resource Management. Lachlan Dow – a biologist and chemist specializing in photosynthetic organisms and bacteria – spoke about algae. Dr Caitlin Byrt – plant biologist studying membrane transport and cell wall biology – tells Angus Tay… and Clive Palmier what’s what!



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