Oldies (but goodies!)

January 2022

Galumph Harrumph!

Stir-Fried Science Canberra Shows – MAY 7 & 15

December 2021

Dram Sci Quiz No. 3 Questions

Dram Sci Quiz No. 3 Answers

CRISPR à l’Orange

November 2021

Aww poor black hole!

Oh When the Science!

August 2021

The Bulk Discount

Dram Sci Quiz 2 Answers

Dram Sci Quiz 2

Janet’s Florist or “I just want gerberas!”

Janet’s Florist – script

March 2021

Stir-fried Science – Live show

Multiple Star Systems

Krill Bill

Minister for Vaccines

The Wave of the Century

December 2020

Dram Sci Quiz 1 answers

Dram Sci Quiz 1

Antarctic Krill with Dr Nicole Hellessey

November 2020

Fusion energy = Carbon neutral

Studying Einstein with a Nobel Laureate

Date with a Doctor

Clive on Charity – a billionaire’s POV

How astronomy almost died

Okra is brain food for physicists

Doorbell Theory – a tribute to Ionesco

Clive on Generosity

Fusion Ute – When will this be possible?

Celsius Conspiracy

June 2020

How we met…

February 2020

Exploding yoghurt

January 2020

Reviews for Poet’s Guide to Science