Fusion energy = Carbon neutral

Fusion energy = Carbon neutral? Fusion energy expert Dr Adelle Wright discusses carbon neutral energy. This is the first of our series produced for National Science Week. Live-streamed at Smith’s Alternative in August 2020 under the title Adventures Abroad in Science.

Dr Adelle Wright answers questions such as “When can we expect fusion energy?” and “Does fusion energy = carbon neutral?” This interview includes a satirical piece where Clive Palmier nee Boggs tricks an associate and bamboozles Elon Musk!

The second interview in the series is with Professor Susan Scott, recently the first female physicist to win Australia’s top science award. Listen to her discuss her life in science, gravitational waves, her trips with other women in Antarctica and life in Oxford. There is also an hilarious skit entitled Doorbell Theory – loosely (very loosely) based on Ionesco’s The Bald Prima Donna. How can you be sure that when the doorbell rings there is really someone there? Stay tuned to Dramatis Scientificae for many fascinating interviews with scientists. And if you feel like some social satire (and who doesn’t?) head over to Daisy’s Bicycle – featuring Clive Palmier-Boggs and his brilliant idea re International Women’s Day and Scomo Sapiens.

Then hear Associate Professor Nerilie Abram discuss her views on climate change.

For articles and videos on a wild (sic) variety of science topics, drop in at Phil Up On Science!


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