Doorbell Theory – a tribute to Ionesco

Doorbell Theory deals with the very real dilemmas of ordinary people trying to live in the real world.

Starring Angele (sic) (Patrick Trumper) and Tim Enderby (Dr Phil Dooley), PhD candidates Annie Handmer and Tom Gordon, it is the introduction to the more detailed and longer interview.

Angele’s having a party – but she’s not expecting anyone. Imagine their surprise when the doorbell rings! Is there anyone there? Or no-one? Tim’s convinced there’s someone there, but is his conviction based in logic? Doorbell Theory is just that – or is it?

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Have a look at Adelle Wright’s conversation with Dramatis Scientificae hosts and characters – Fusion Energy = Carbon Neutral. This is the first in the Adventures Abroad in Science live-stream for National Science Week.


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