Dear Ms Ardern (You made us want you)

Dear Ms Ardern (You Made Us Want You)  is a parody of Judy Garland’s Dear Mr Gable (You made me love you). If you’re a bit sick of Scotty then this is for you. (and if you want to see Ariana Grande’s version of the original it’s pretty fabulous!)

Another political satire is from the bushfire period in 2020. Have a look at On the 12th day of Christmas my PM gave to me for a blast from the past.

And what about Scotty’s climate change policy? The Rot is Spreading: Straya’s commitment to targets loses steam. An analogy for the not-so-faint-hearted about targets and getting around them.

Let’s Save the Murray, darling: Aquaporins also has a political angle. Dr Caitlin Byrt tries to explain the benefits of her research into water management to Clive Palmier and Minister Angus!

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A Daisy’s Bicycle and DramSci production. Performed by Michele Conyngham (piano and vocals) Directed and edited by Patrick Trumper. Lyrics by Michele Conyngham. Music by James V. Monaco – Joe McCarthy

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