Date with a Doctor

Date with a Doctor is a skit about – what is it about? – gender? unreasonableness? individual bloody-mindedness or just straight prejudice/lunacy?

Produced when the Peace Lily was still blooming – before Covid 19! – Date with a Doctor is our attempt to weazle out some of the finer points of our strange society.

Then you could pop over to watch Celsius Conspiracy – a battle between logic and idiocy in the shape of Clive Palmier-Boggs. Clive only seems to really be the happy billionaire when he is throwing a bucketful of sabots in the works.

Dr Adelle Wright features in the first episode of Adventures Abroad in Science. Entitled Fusion Energy = Carbon Neutral, it’s a really fascinating discussion on what is being done right now in fusion science.

Professor Susan Scott is the second scientist featured. Her discussion of her research is illuminating and stories of her life fascinating.

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