Climate science discussion

Climate science discussion with Associate Professor Nerilie Abram. This is an excerpt from The Poet’s Guide to Science, in which a science sceptic – Cy N Tist – goes on a journey of facts and faith with Dr Phil, a part-time poet and full-time doctor. In this section, Cy is just about convinced that it’s okay to have informed scepticism when it comes to science. It is, in fact, the basis of scientific method. Assoc. Prof. Abram was part of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change). Watch her climate science discussion with Cy and then click on the Q&A link which also features her work.

In the Q&A you will hear from PhD student Harry Sutton who talks about immunisation, and Dr Anne-Sophie Dielen, who discusses genetic modification. All three scientists feature in our play The Poet’s Guide to Science. Filmed live at Smith’s Alternative, Canberra, The Poet’s Guide to Science has had seasons at Questacon, ACT; The Adelaide Fringe and the Sydney Fringe. It was also performed at the Powerhouse Museum for the National Science Communicators Conference. Each time the play is performed there are three new scientists who discuss in their own way the controversial discussion surrounding genetic modification, immunisation and climate change.


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