Celsius Conspiracy

Celsius Conspiracy deals with the very real problem many happy billionaires have with thermometers. Forget science – go crystals! Clive Palmier-Boggs will teach you something you really didn’t know! Join Tim and Clive to explore the wonders of the thermometrical dark ages.


And if you’d like to refresh yourself after this with some real science, check out our interviews with real scientists on Dramatis Scientificae. There’s the first in the series of Adventures Abroad in Science with Dr Adelle Wright.

You might like to hear  Professor Nerilie Abram’s discussion about climate science. If immunology is on your bucket list, try Harry Sutton’s interview. Perhaps you’ve always wondered about genetic modification. There’s a great duo role for Dr Anne-Sophie Dielen in GM or not GM?

Or if you’d like to read some fascinating articles, go to Phil Up on Science. But if you really love Clive, you should check out Daisy’s Bicycle and his interesting idea for International Women’s Day.

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In the meantime, we hope you enjoy Celsius Conspiracy.

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